Payment Processing

The payment processing environment is complex and most people find it difficult to fully understand for most. However, we have specialized in this area for decades. With our experience, we know exactly who to connect you to after analyzing your needs and future market expectations.

Below is a simplified description of a payment process:
•    Customer accesses your online store via the internet
•    Selects a commodity and goes to check out
•    The payment window is activated – the necessary credit card information is collected here
•    The credit card network scrubs the payment
•    Customer’s bank account is notified and the transaction amount is reserved (authorized)
•    Merchant’s bank account (yours) registers the payment
•    Your ERP system collects relevant information. Lists and reports can be made
•    You settle the amount and money is transferred to your merchant bank account

Our role is to secure the connection and flow of the following players in order to execute the payment transaction.