Acquirer Application

Applying for an acquirer can be somewhat of a hassle.
Kvanto will help you in the decision and will guide you through whats needs to be done in order to get the acquirer’s acceptance.

There are many corporations within the payment industry offering a payment solution. The right payment provider is one who quickly can gain a thorough insight in your business, product, services as well as fully understanding your future objectives. Part of this screening will also help us determine who are the best acquirers for your business and how many you should be connected to – this will help ensure a successful transaction.

Some of the questions we will ask you are:
•    Do you have plans to expand your business to new markets? – If so, which markets will you expand to?
•    Will you offer new products or services? Will you address new segments? – If so, what kind will these be?
•    Which challenges do you expect to face while expanding?

Kvanto can help you identify the right acquirer, and ensure that the correct and necessary  information is both gathered and passed on to them.