Meeting Your Challenges

Not all payment solution are good for everybody. Your specific needs and challenges must be taken into consideration. Are you exporting to other countries? Do you experience lots of chargeback? Does your business depending on subscriptions? All these things matter when making a decision.

When setting up the right payment solution for your business, your specific needs and challenges have to be taken into consideration. Several issues will influence the decision, such as:
•    Are you selling goods or services?
•    What kind of goods or services are you selling?
•    Are you an exporting company? To which countries do you export?
•    Do you experience chargeback?
•    Does your business depend on recurring payments?

Below we have listed some typical everyday business situations. If you can somehow relate to or identify your business with one or more of the listed situations you might want to contact us: we will be able to set up a new and efficient payment solution or build up on your existing solution.

Cross Border:
Your business is doing well and you are now ready to expand your operations. The next natural step is entering some selected external markets and export there. Your current acquirer is not able provide you with a genuine cross-border acquiring agreement.

Did you know that this often means you will be paying far more per transaction than necessary?

Similarly, you are a foreign merchant wanting to enter the Danish market. The Danish market is subject to a complicated set of card processing rules which not many understand better that we do. For a smooth and swift introduction into the Danish market we will make sure all obstacles are being taken care of.

Did you know that not many providers offer such a service?

Subscriptions – Recurring Payments
Your business bills for and receives payments in fixed intervals for the most part. You have been used to have your customers pay either via bank transfers, Giro payment vouchers or even send checks – this is outdated. In our modern, digital society the latter is going to be forgotten soon. The same goes to some electronic bank-to-bank transfer methods because of their cost and lack of flexibility.

Did you know that we can provide you with a cheaper and more flexible solution that can reach all your customers no matter where in the world they are located?

Rolling Reserve:
Most acquirers demand to have a ‘rolling reserve’ from their new customers. This is a certain percentage of all card sales, which is withheld by the acquirer as a guarantee. Businesses often face a rolling reserve of, for example, 10% for a security period of six months. This means that 10% of all January card sales is held until June, 10% of all February card sales are held until July, and so on. For many businesses this rolling reserve can be stressful as it limits their market liquidity.

Did you know that we can often negotiate a smaller rolling reserve with acquirers?

Negotiation of Fees:
Two factors are important when determining the fee amount for a payment solution:

1. The transaction volume (sales)

2. The number of transactions processed

By working with Kvanto, you will benefit from our extended client list – we will negotiate fees on your behalf based on the aggregated number of transactions and the aggregated monthly transaction value of all of our clients combined. Did you know that teaming up with us you can be profiting from this reducing your total cost?

Charge Backs:
Based on the type of business you have, you may face chargebacks on card sales. A chargeback is when a customer regrets the purchase after having paid so then they contact their bank and have them cancel the payment. Not only will your business not receive the money, but it may also have a very unpleasant side effect: if your business experiences too many chargebacks, the card scheme (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) may choose to prohibit your business from receiving any more card payments. This could break your eCommerce business model.

Did you know that we are able to talk to your acquirer for you and provide you with advice about what to do in order to reduce chargebacks?