Kvanto is a Payment Service Provider (PSP). We hold a PCI/DSS approval since 2007.
All monetary settlements take place directly
between the merchant and the acquirers.

We aim at optimizing our clients’ payment solutions using the best gateway technologies, world class acquires along with our in-depth payment knowledge and professional services.

Every payment solution delivers market requested approvals and fraud detection. It might be embedded into existing customer applications, ensuring the best, most safe and reliable transactions. If wanted, our solutions can come with a reporting system so every payment can be followed.

All monetary settlements take place directly between merchants and acquirers.

An increasing number of payment methods are requested to give a better chance of a successful transaction. Our solution supports you a comprehensive number of popular payment methods, which among others includes:
    •    Credit and debit cards
    •    E-invoicing
    •    MOTO
    •    Public terminals
    •    mPos
    •    Recurring payments
    •    Prepaid cards

Our organization represents several decades of experience within the payment and financial industry. This means that we have an immense network of partners and collaborators across the world. This is one of the key reasons to why we are able to provide you with a payment solution no matter where in the world you operate or your customers originates from This will guarantee you an optimized and complete payment solution.