What we do

Kvanto provides you with a multi connectivity Payment Gateway solution allowing you whether on- or offline to link up with numerous payment acquirers through a single integration. The payment technologies being utilized are long proven in the market.

In short

We cover payment processing, acquirer application and risk & fraud management all of which you can examine further via the menu bar. To provide you with the most optimal payment solution we first make a thorough analysis. Then we consider how we best tailor your gateway as well as your front end. If required we can work out a back office plug-in for CRM and ERP. Most of our accounts are at the rim of expanding their businesses onto other markets when they engage with us.
They are typically mid or large seized companies with a need for a versatile, scalable and secure payment solution. Our staff has an extensive experience within both the payment industry and project management. We guide, take care and manage the process on your behalf and see to that everything is executed smoothly and swiftly on both a national and an international perspective.

Our Services

Getting the right payment solution requires several stages.
Below is an overview over each stage as well as what these stages includes.


Kvanto gateway

Front end

Back office