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Acquirer Application

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Accept payments from anywhere in the World

Having the correct acquirer will ensure a successful transaction and less hassle for you. That is why the process of picking one and getting an acceptance is so important.

From narrowing down which acquirer or acquirers are best suited for your business and its needs to helping you collect only the necessary information and presenting to them – Kvanto will help you succeed in the process.

we identify the correct acquirer to your business needs

We will ask you a series of detailed questions to create a complete profile of your business and asses your situation as best as possible. Some of the questions may be:

  • Do you have plans to expand your business to new markets? – If so, which markets will you expand to?
  • Do you need to accept payments from anywhere in the world?
  • Will you offer new products or services? Will you address new segments? – If so, what kind will these be?
  • Which challenges do you expect to face while expanding?

Kvanto can help you identify the right acquirer, and ensure that the correct and necessary information is both gathered and passed on to them.

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