Let us explain how the merchant protection interface works

safe and Secure online payments

Kvanto MPI Solution is based on a PIN code and a debit card or payphone. Kvanto makes sure that the merchant’s customer and the cardholder is the same person by sending a code to the customer’s cell phone, which the customer must fill into the payment window before the payment is approved.

Secure transactions guaranteed

Less fraud

Less chargebacks

real-time RISK AND FRAUD prevention
For your safety

Our solution’s modular risk intelligence will immediately detect and activate a defense against fraudulent attacks – a growing threat all across Europe. We have created a merchant protection interface based on a PIN code that your customers will receive at the time of the transaction.

When they enter the PIN code received into the payment window, our solution will be able to ensure that the identity of the person wanting to make the transaction and the card owner match.

Between the tools provides by credit and debit card schemes and our solutions’ MPI,
you will be protected from fraud, avoid chargebacks and have secure transactions guaranteed.

Our clients have increased revenue by up to 30% via the safety our solution provides.

Kvanto’s MPI solution

Kvanto’s MPI solution provides both customer and merchants with:

Secure transactions guaranteed less fraud and chargebacks

Kvanto MPI Solution is a part of Kvanto’s payment platform which contains new edge solutions
and services within the payment industry.