Payment Processing

flexible and secure

You might have heard that payment processing is complicated and while it is – for us – we specialize in making it easy – for you.

Kvanto’s state-of-the-art solution will take care of all the complicated processes you need to go through to get the money you have earned. Our staff with over two decades of experience in payment processing will walk you through every step of the way.

Let’s get a breakdown of what a payment process looks like and what does our solution do exactly:

  1. You welcome a customer to your online store
  2. They select the goods they would like to purchase and proceed to the checkout page
  3. There, the customer is able to access the payment window – where the Kvanto solution gets accessed – and they enter their card information
  4. The card network scrubs the payment
  5. The customer’s bank account gets notified and the amount gets reserved while waiting for authorization for the payment
  6. The merchant’s bank account, meaning yours, registers the payment
  7. Your ERP system collects the necessary information. At this point our solution can make lists and reports  out of the information collected
  8. The transaction is accepted and then the money is transferred to your account

The Kvanto solution makes sure that from the moment that your customer goes into your checkout page until the money is transferred into your account, everything goes smoothly and safely. We provide the channel that allows it.

Payment made simple

Payment Methods
Our state-of-the-art solution supports a variety of Payment Methods

Or ‘Mail Order Telephone Order’ will allow you to process your customers’ credit and debit cards if they chose to make the transaction through mail correspondence of phone call


Accepted in our physical solution via a token system to acknowledge if the person attempting to make the payment is the card owner.


Propose to customers for them to have a more convenient experience with your business while promoting loyalty to the brand. This will allow you to have regulate and automatic sales.


Terminals that operate via an internet connection and will process credits and debit cards when customers want to pay in-store.


Important in a world moving away from paper waste, our solution will allow you to send your customers a digital invoice at the time of purchase and avoid a paper copy.


Stations and physical devices that will process credit and debit cards in physical fashion.


The service will allow you to automatically bill your customers in whatever interval you have set it up to (ex: monthly, yearly, etc.) by allowing you to accept global reoccurring payments.

Card Types